WomensTrust works to provide communities with
basic healthcare screening and needs.



Access to healthcare plays a vital role in reducing poverty, but in Pokuase, healthcare facilities are very limited and beyond the reach of most families. With the help and support of local politicians, including an assemblyman and member of Parliament, WomensTrust is bringing access to basic health screening to the Pokuase community. In the course of five days this summer, we arranged for a group of nurses and volunteers to offer health screening to over 500 women. The screening included testing for anemia, malaria, hypertension and diabetes, all of which are very prevalent in the community. Patients in need were referred for additional testing and treatment.

As proud as we are of the success of our screening program, much more remains to be done. Next steps include following up with women receiving referrals as well as the broader community to encourage them to adopt healthier life styles. We are also developing plans to provide more comprehensive health services directed at reproductive and other health issues confronting women and girls.