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Summer 2014
WomensTrust Launches New Scholarship Program for College-Bound Graduates
Fall/Winter 2013
WomensTrust Names New ED, Ghana Board; Scholarship Girls Back to School
Spring/Summer 2013
New Clients, New Communities, New Grants!
Spring/Summer 2012
This issue features the education and empowerment aspects of WomensTrust.
Fall 2011
The Fall 2011 newsletter is in the form of an annual report covering the first eight years of WomensTrust.
Spring 2011
This past year WomensTrust put in place the building blocks for a great future: we recruited the leadership in Ghana required to take us to higher levels, and we connected to more people who believe...
Fall 2010
In lieu of a fall 2010 newsletter, WomensTrust published the 2009 annual report.
Spring 2010
Inspired giving is “the creative expression of that part of yourself that cares about and believes in the potential for change,” according to Tracy Gary in her book, Inspired Philanthropy. Read about...
Fall 2009
"WomensTrust is probably the best project I have seen in Africa", says Bill Easterly, the highly respected international development expert who spoke at a recent fundraising event for WomensTrust.
Spring 2009
The Secret to Successful Aid, according to the highly considered international development economist William Easterly, is that there is no secret. This newsletter is an update that gives a personal...
Fall 2008
As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we are pleased to introduce you to a few of the women whose lives have been touched by WomensTrust.
Spring 2008
WomensTrust has had a successful six months as our momentum continues to build.